Thursday, October 25, 2007

Report on Raylee: How sweet can a 9month old baby be? She totally pushes the limits. My favorite thing about her (besides only waking up once at night) is when my cute cute little girl scrunches up her nose when she smiles. As someone--I can't remember who--put it, she smiles with her whole face. She is now mobile, she started crawling at Brady's class the other day--very exciting!
Brady's Bits: Have mercy on 2 year olds. Yikes! One minute he is my angel boy that I can take anywhere and do anything with then the next minute he is a total moody stinker! His smile can win over the heart of most--good thing. He pretty much potty trained himself which is great. It was just a few months ago that I had 3 in diapers and now I'm down to 1. Brady is loving his mommy & me preschool class and he sort of does his gymnastics class.
Caden's Cadences: Oh how our special 4 year old is changing. He is developing so well. His speech delay is still prominate but he is progressing. At his preschool/daycare he is successfully writing his numbers and letters. He still loves his Spongebob and now Yo Gabba Gabba (don't ask). He is my tender little guy and we are so proud of his accomplishments.
Klue in to Kendra: Our oldest daughter is now 6 and in 1st grade. She enjoys gymnastics, being the ring leader of her friends at school, creating recylable projects (you really don't want to know), singing her heart out, and of course loving on her younger siblings.

Oh wow I'm all tech-y and stuff!!

So here I am doing a blog--why does this make me feel so old? Trying to stay up with the changing times is crazy! I will enter this blogging world as my journal keeping method. As our family is adding the fourth (and hopefully final) child, we feel our family is pretty complete so now is the perfect time to document all happenings with this crazy clan. I think my plan is to update this about once a month so I can keep all my awesome friends & family in touch. I'll probably try to convince most of you to join me as well--so we all can be cool like that. Enjoy, and happy posting!!