Friday, August 29, 2008

The GOOSE is 7!

Who remembers this bright blue eyed chubby cheeked spikey hair baby?!? I KNOW her spirit was sent to me first cause (as I told her on her birthday) I need her and appreciate the bestest big sister that she is. Her glorious day started out with a birthday omlette, cupcakes for her class, proceeded to the entire gym serenading her at workout, then ended with her dinner of choice: biscuits w/ gravy and corn on the cob. (ummm yum?) A nice quiet FAMILY celebration sure beat a huge party--in mom's opinion.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First- Second- Third for Kendra

Posing on her FIRST day of SECOND grade at Spreckels Elementary, and by the THIRD try we figured out how to ride the bus--she loves it--mommy's unsettled about it.

"Oh my HEAVENS!!" --chuckle chuckle

"GOOD Gravy Kid!!" just a couple of my faves I'm finding I use quite frequently!! How do you really get mad at this?!? I had just washed these dishes and reorganized the bowl drawer. It was BRADY'S tub time, but somehow Raylee flooded the floor and was super soaked.

Hubby & Wife outings

By some miracle Jared & I have had a few sweet escapes lately. We are so lucky to have family local who sincerely enjoy coming and hanging with the kids. This hike in Carmel called "Sabronnes" was killer but way cool: 3 hours, somewhere between 5-7 miles but it was really just mountain after mountain AFTER MOUNTAIN to climb. At several moments I mentioned to Jared that giving birth was easier. Thanks Scottie & Heather--we'll do it again. Kurt (Jared's buddy) an avid climber took us to the rock gym. SOOOO fun, tiring on the arms of course--but I think belaying Jared was the hardest part--no casualties or deaths so we're happy, sore but happy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Final Summer Highlight--it's a goodie

Ok, total ad for Morgan Hill Aquatics Center: absolute affordable family fun in a safe swimming superland!!! Thanks to Cindy & Robin for planning such a great right before school starts activity. No near drownings or lost children so hey, go us moms!!

Peek-a-boo! It's ME Caden!!

Huge milestone for him: Tuesday Aug.12, he READ HIS FIRST WORD!! He brought me The Berenstain Bears Christmas book to read him and I read the first couple words of the title then I saw his gears-a-turnin' so I paused (no mom promptings) as he sounded out "kuh, huh, rrr, ihh, sss, tuh, mmm, aa, sss" blended the sounds 2 times then came up with "Kurt mouse"--with a finger drag and all. Proud just isn't a big enough word. We called Grannie and big Papa right away so all family knew. He has come so far this past year (thank you Rosie and Virginia) and still has a long way to go but we love him so so much. FYI he should be having his pshycoeducational evaluation soon after school starts up so hopefully more help and support is on the way for our funny little guy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nine nutty years of nuptial niftiness!!!

I was 20 years old sitting on the edge of my bath tub crying--hoping, believing he was the one. We grew closer thru writing letters for those fateful 2 years, reunited and instantly KNEW we were right for eachother. Making our family and raising them together in the gospel is pure perfection. **Happy Anniversary to us** We are going out tomorrow for a long late night of food and fun but our real gift to eachother is our trip to Yosemite in September. (We're waiting for the fires to die down) Jared has hiked Half Dome and wants me to go hike it with him. We are both totally stoked--and have been "training" for it. My training would go better if I could get off the cupcake, rice krispie treat, brownie train. We'll hit Bass Lake for jet skiing the next day and just have a wonderful weekend together. Aaahhh. (thanks in advance to Ann, Heather and Randy for holding down the fort)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camp Rocks--girlz camp that is!!!

Ya know, sometimes you get handed huge opportunities for growth in this crazy life. I'm not sure why I am so blessed (pure luck I think) to have gotten to serve the Young Women at Girls Camp this year. Honestly and truly I LOVE THESE GIRLS. We had more than an awesome week and I am deeply humbled and touched whenever I think of any one of their divine spirits and what we shared for those few days in the woods. To my girlz and Jenny and Tammie: thanx for the kickin' times, see ya at the reunion, tons of luv, SNO GIRLZ OUT!!