Tuesday, July 21, 2009

beach boardwalk bonanza!

we are still in vacation let-down over here--i know jeff & shan are too. we squeezed in 75cent nite at the boardwalk while everyone was here. i'm still giggling today at the big girl rides Kendra and Megan did, and how Caden thought he wanted to do all those too but going on the big ferris wheel was enough of a challenge for him. it was very cute to watch Raylee squeal (mainly in delight) and Brady be obsessed with the dragon ride. but the family bonding was my fave part. kendra and andrew were best buds holding hands everywhere and we all just enjoyed each other.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mixed up family and friends

When my bro and parents were here we made sure to see all sides of the families & a few friends that happen to be in town as well. So we smooshed in baby Scout's first birthday with these too too cute doggie cupcakes Audrey made, a girls night out with Eva & Kehaulani Loo & Robin Ladle, then of course the family 5K in Toro Park--which by the way i totally killed my personal time--yahoo, but i can say i was way more proud of the ladies that did a great job and smiled every step of the way. Even Mr. Wilson (Shan's dad) came for a big family dinner. It's so nice to blend our families together and remember our good ol' Salinas roots.

Friday, July 10, 2009

one fun event at a time

the VoFo/Anderson clan went to my beloved Morgan hill aquatics center & loved every minute of it, as you can see. more fam fun coming up-- i can only blog so much. kendra wanting to do the water slide 100 times, raylee jumping to grannie 100 times, and Caden petting the dolphin mascot 100 times made a million minutes of fun!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

go team USA--VoFo style

for the week of the 4th, my parents and brother's fam came for a great visit. there is so much to blog i'll have to do it in stages--we crammed so much fun into a few days. Independence Day was celebrated in style with patriotic clothes from Grandma, cute hair dos, a FAMILY 5K run/walk (so fun, details later),the Spreckels parade and fair,great food and entertaining fireworks on my driveway-turned-amphitheater. wonderful times were had with all the VonForell cousins and Jim & Lynda Hill's family. a few highlights were: Brady's capacity filled pockets with candy at the parade, jeff's raindance during fireworks, Big Papa's cupcakes, and Jared's consective fireworks set up--i say to all that "GOOD STUFF"!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

an IEP gave my ASD son SAI with a SLP for the summer--it's a GREAT thing

sometimes i feel so lucky. it's not luck, i know--there has to be a higher power involved. after some hard work and lots of consideration by some of Caden's "TEAM" we had an Individual Education Plan to determine that caden with his Autism Spectrum Disorder will receive Specialized Academic Instruction with a Speech Language Pathologist. in other words, Caden got into summer school and it doubles as tons of speech therapy everyday!!! oh how he loves it, it is so wonderful. it's a 4 week program, 4 hours a day and he gets to ride the bus AND there's 3 field trips--yahoo! the humble day has come for us to accept him being on "the short bus". but he's so darn cute it's gettin' easy to get over it. he comes home every day with a huge report: "mommy school is an awesome time today, i ate my snacks at lunch time, i did circle time, i did the headphones to my animal book and i played outside at playtime". and to think this is from the child who couldn't make an insightful comment less than a year ago. i am so grateful for the divine blessings we are receiving.