Friday, June 20, 2008

Last year's lasting memories

Summer is a time of transition, moving on from one thing to the next. As I sat with Kendra and Brady looking at old pix I became very nostalgic of what great times we had and what wonderful people we are blessed with in our lives. Here's a huge SHOUT OUT to dear dear friends and our supportive family. We truly do love you all to bits and look foward to lots more kickin' good times together.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The latest lasting memories

The new house has brought new memories already. Pop moving in, kendra losing a top tooth, outdoor fun which includes my favorite--lizard catching. And YES Brady can catch a lizard all by himself--oh goodie!

Friday, June 13, 2008


*What a hectic but exciting time of the year; end of school year parties, Prom, summer fun coming up. Luv ya girlz, you're gorgeous!

*Salinas Valley Gymnastics (where Laurie coaches and Kendra trains) has relocated to South Main Street--it's a wonderful new facility.

*Jared has been asked to serve as the Young Men's President at church. He is a little intimidated since he's naturally the worker bee, but super excited to work with the youth--he is amazing with the boys, we are so excited for you Daddy!

*Laurie (I) was asked to serve at Girls Camp this year as the leader of the second year Young Women. Who the crap put me in charge?!? but I'm totally stoked! Out in the wild cooking, having campfires, spiritual lessons, certifying and partying with these great girls--should be an amazing time. Good luck at home all week with the kids Daddy! (he he)

*On Friday June 27 I will have 4 of my favorite people staying for a one week visit. I'm so excited to play and hang with Mom, Shan, Meg, & Andrew.

*4th of July will have a bonus this year, (besides WA family being here) Holly and my little side business of mom-made hair accessories will be a booth at the huge Spreckels Fair. Hooray for Bloomz and Bowz!!

My hard workin' hubby!

The backbone of PG&E slaving away! Jared loves his job and our family is extemely blessed to have such a wonderful provider.

Surprise, surprise, we moved again

Well our 7th home in almost 9 years of marriage isn't too bad right? Ok, that makes it sound pretty bad. But we're very happy--that counts for somethin'. In late March we found a big beautiful home in the gorgeous Toro Park area of Salinas. We settled in very quickly, transfered Kendra over to Spreckels School to finish out 1st grade and cut Jared's commute in half. Pretty productive I must say. Jared and I are getting into biking, hiking, and running on the trails in our back yard--pretty as a picture.