Monday, May 17, 2010

father/son/son campout

3 silly boys in the woods--goodness gracious. i'm so pleased to say that this event was successful. the boys held up great, fell asleep by 9ish and returned such happy campers.other dads were alarmed and asked, "who's kid is in the water??!!??" well of course its just brady chillin in the bacteria pond. apparently you could almost ALWAYS find caden by the water tossing rocks in it, that truly fascinates him for hours. brady and daddy had big boy meat ribs, and caden is enjoying his meal choice of the month: peanut butter on ritz. don't even get us started on the pure obsession with the flashlights. it continued at bedtime for the next few nites at home as well. these are my favorite guys in the whole wide world. i'm so glad they got to be together and enjoy their manly-man time.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

another caden post--legit reason--his 7th bday

i'll spare a ton of details since caden has taken over my blog lately. his celebration of his 7th started the friday before with popsicles for his class. he shared a baby picture, led the birtday song, and played musical chairs. birthday boy got a special phone call from his favorite, "teacher simkins". caden handed out sunglasses to his friends, then started a water gun fight, which was a hoot. his family get together was on the actual day. he asked for a spongebob party (again) and since i've made a spongebob cake before i went with his sidekick patrick the starfish. he was a great sport for the gift opening and even though he asked to play computer several times during his party, i think he had a great time. he ended the day with telling everyone, "thanks for coming to my party and i love you". that's really i could ask for huh? love you cade!!!