Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Halloweened OUT--& Halloween is tomorrow!!

Decorating the house and garage, costume shopping, costume sewing (believe it or not), pumpkin patch picking, pumpkin painting, preparing/building the spook alley, baking spooky treats, getting in costume for the carnival, attending the carnival, trunk or treating, and costuming up again for the boys party at Rosie's--can you say EXAUSTING!?!
I vow to myself that I will NOT allow themed costumes to stress me out next year. Goldilocks and the 3 bears is a cute idea--my follow thru was accurate but I never allowed for the anarchy from Caden to spoil my perfection. I love him to death but it has been challenging--and it's not even Halloween day yet!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Silly, Delicious Halloween Fun!!

It's time for Jared & Laur's couples Halloween Party. We love our friends--espcially when they dress up and cook for us. After everone's animated arrivals we enjoyed the "NOUN GAME"--by the way I think quotes are nonuns--hehe, scarffed down yummy food, and cast the most importatnt votes this year for the costume contest.
The big winners were Dave & Cindy, Mike & Melanie, Lance & Amy, Micah & Cheryl and apparently Jared & I were the cutest couple--at least for that night. Dessert was divine which revved us up for a "friendly" game of husbands vs. wives Pictionary. Bottom Line: men cheat and women try to only after the men start the cheating. It was a great time, Jared summed it up by saying that we are lucky that we have great friends.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Off the hook at ABDC Live!!!

So excited I pulled this surprise off for Jared--even Kendra & Tom kept the secret. Believe it or not: America's Best Dance Crew is the ONLY reality show we can agree on so I had to get tix to see our favorite group the Jabbawokeez.
It was an AWESOME show--tons of great dancing-- now is it normal for 2 grown adults to get choked up at something like this? Oh . . . well hey we love those boys in the masks and the white gloves.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Perfect Portraits--if i do say so myself.

Picture day at school inspired me to get a real shot of each child: CLOSE to perfection--gotta be a little humble right?! "they're growing up so fast" -- i know you were thinking that!!

Bucket Rides $5 each--or FREE since we love ya!!

one of the perks to the job--Kendra and Caden were excited to take a WAY HIGH ride in the SKY. mommy went too but with jared & i both up there, i saw visions of 4 little orphans and we hurried down--but it was cool I must say. What else are ya gonna do in between conference sessions? thanks PG&E!!!