Tuesday, May 1, 2012

half way to 70--woot woot!!!

Im not sure how i couldn't come up with a more optimistic title for this occasion, because i really wasnt very happy about turning 35. i always tell people i still feel 25. oh well, denial is a good thing in this case. and i couldnt help but be so happy on my birthday with all the kindness that was shown.

what's to complain about?  i got a wonderful card from a wonderful friend, goodies and flowers from friends, and went on a shopping outing to the outlets with my little ashlee.

i also had the choice experience of being embarrassed as the servers sang to me at my bday dinner out with my girls.  i'm blessed with kind and loving friends, im sorry there were some that couldnt make it, and those who have moved away were at least able to send their nice wishes to me thru texts and good ol' facebook.

i must admit being shot at with a confetti gun by my niece brianne really topped off the whole celebration week.
and in the end, all i wanted the morning of my bday was to get a picture with my kiddos.  i dont even hope for perfection anymore, the candid--funny face ones are usually my favorite now.