Saturday, July 9, 2011

oh what do you do in the summertime?

the children are home from school, i love it but its messy.  there is a whole "kids craft cabinet" in this house but that doesnt contain their creativity. this is brady's robot, "robey".  he lived with us for much too long.

 caden draws a mean sponge bob, too bad he somehow found a sharpie, that wipey board is history as well.
 summer produce cant be beat.  after they shucked they turned into super corn heroes.

 gotta make 'em work too.  they all love to pitch in especially when our big boys are here working.

 ok, this was CLASSIC, this is kendra's art club where you pose for a drawing, these two totally kill me.

 we tend to frequent places like the Farm and the library.  raylee just likes the free strawberries and to goof off with Scout at the farm during story time.  but our library trips are quite successful.

 she doesn't read yet, so what else would she be doing, besides forcing her animals to do puzzles?
yep we need to hit the beach, i prefer a nice clean pool with cement rather than sand, but im sure i will give in soon.  probably after summer school is over.  happy summer times to you all.