Thursday, October 24, 2013

Uh it's been 5 months

Well summer happened, we spent it at Raging Waters,  brady and Kendra did summer sports camps at hartnell,  I did girls camp with MY daughter getting to go this year and then we got ready to get everyone back to school.  Juggling the 4 school schedules (includes my Montessori work schedule) is so so difficult.  I've messed up a couple times and being the room mom again is keeping me on my toes and really involved but I like it that way.

It's now almost Halloween and we road tripped to utah for lincolns wedding,  we had my parents here,  I got a pretty decent primary program accomplished,  Jared has worked his butt off leaving me feeling like a single mother plenty of nights and gosh we are just tired most days.  We've had some trials with Kendra and Caden.  Life gets tough sometimes but we are grateful we have the Gospel to keep us grounded. Heaven help me is definitely my current motto.