Wednesday, January 25, 2012

oh yeah, that christmas thing happened

to all you die hards who had time to blog in december, good for you. i didnt and i dont care, at least the memories are getting published at some point. the kids' class parties and teacher gifts kept my head spinning and hands moving, but it was all worth it. among all the heckticness we did enjoy the church ward christmas party. the kids were in the navtivity story and jared and i sang a duet. it was a very nice nite, and our little sheep whose floppy felt ears were bouncing since he had the hiccups, got a lot of giggles.
we had to send our lincoln home to Provo, Utah to be with his real family for the holiday. it was a long 2 weeks for us. but he got us a gift, a whirly pop popcorn maker that we enjoy too much.
we had christmas festivities with the Anderson side. cookie making was a hit and very deeeelicious. unfortunately Heather was very sick so her family wasnt there with us. presents were opened, grandparents were hugged, it was lovely.

christmas morning came, the kids opened their stockings as excitedly as ever. brady was trying to sneak back to his room and while walking backwards he bonked his mouth into the cabinet, hence some pictures with him holding a wet paper towel to his fat bloody lip.

i have to admit the only thing i dont like about the mayheim of christmas day is all the assembling that is required. good thing daddys are good at that. i just keep watching their cute little faces and i dwell on that as i tune out their impatience waiting for daddy to get the screwdriver etc.

when it all settled down jared and i took a moment to be cute in our matching pajamas, then had our christmas kiss and biscuits and gravy breakfast.