Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the best kind of christmas cookie

these zany VoFo kids are up to no good again. actually no. dad's plan for our special family service project was having the grandkids decorate sugar cookies for the same homeless shelter we took lunch and winter gear to last year. the nite before the frosting fest began, taylor and kendra rolled out, cut and baked up the cookies, and caden loved stirring the glazes and watching them change into their desired colors. the blank canvases quickly became mountains of sugar. there was close monitoring for some (hu hum, caden) then there were the meticulous ones who worked so hard to create their perfect edible masterpieces. it was fun for all the aunties, uncles, grandma and big papa to be at the kids' beckon call to help them out and create special cookies and special memories. the goodie drop off was short but sweet. we decided next year we gotta throw in a little VonTrapp caroling as we get the smiles and thank yous from the less fortunate people in the shelter. it was a wonderful way to start all the family fun that was coming up.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa pics on Santa's Day

this year's christmas was totally different. we are usually at home doing our normal little family thing but this year the big VonForell family trip was moved from thanksgiving to Christmas instead. so we packed up the blue beast (my new car) and headed up I-5 to good ol WA. the main event of the trip was to hang out at the Great Wolf Lodge--again, last year it was quite the hit. once we arrived the cousins were posing for lots of pics, and getting ready for tons of fun. we took advantage of the amenties the lodge had to offer, seeing santa, the big clocktower show with a snowfall, a bedtime story and big Papa got each child a stuffed animal to snuggle and remember the coziness of this fun place. the kids couldn't get enough of each other and were always smiling, hugging and having a blast. more stories and pictures to come.

Monday, December 6, 2010

i finally gave in about the dang tree!!!

i had to put this pic first cuz its my fave of the season thus far. anyway, we always let the kids decorate the tree and its great and then they go to bed happy. in every year past i have always snuck out and rearranged the ornaments and garland to ensure perfect and even distribution, but NO MORE!! jared innocently asked if it was ok to just let the kids do it and let it be. ok fine my sweet husband, kind daddy, manly voice of reason. so they did their thing and the top third has about 6 inches of garland on it and...i'm trying every nite to just grin and love it for its imperfections. knowing the cute little hands that did it, make it pretty easy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

turkey day twenty-ten

we are usually up in Washington with my family for thanksgiving but we are doing christmas there instead. so it was good ol Anderson-side turkey time this year. there's not much to report besides the obvious, eating (i insisted on doing one savory and one sweet turkey--they were...ok, the honey butter injected one was pretty tasty) laughing and eating some more. there was a killer cold game of kickball at the park since Heather and Dan hosted and their backyard opens to the park. jared was happy to play in the turkey bowl, he got like 3 touchdowns or something--that's my man. as for us, 5 dozen orange rolls later it was a lovely holiday centered around food. no complaints, except for the bloating and obligation to now work it off. it's totally worth it to spend the day with family and just enjoy each other and the abundance of blessings we have.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i'm thankful for my little turkey

caden was asked to either recite (totally his forte) or sing a solo of the Third Article of Faith for the children's primary program this year. he chose, we practiced--shown here, and the amazing 7 year old had it down after about 5 attempts. please just picture him, so handsome, hunched over the podium, clearing his throat to begin, singing ever so sweetly, warming the hearts of everyone. he received TONS of praise and really thought it was no big deal himself. after refusing to recite his line last year, i love these little victories for him. and for the record: kendra beautifully bore her testimony of feeling the spirit when i gave the homeless guitar playing man money at costco, brady recited (i think he was the only memorizer/non reader) his line about Joseph Smith--you couldn't understand him but he tried to talk slowly and clearly and raylee happily sat in daddy's lap watching her siblings. gotta love the little innocent joys of the gospel.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

oh yeah, the pumpkin patch

is that a GLORIOUS picture or what??? we did sneak in the pumkin patch this year, and it must be documented--better late than never. the kids love "the farm" by Spreckels cuz of the live animals. luckily my children choose rather quickly and we are usually waiting for daddy's prime pick. they got em wagoned up and headed to see the animals. it's always nice to share these holiday moments with family, kendra was more than willing to help Zoey choose her squash to carve. ryan and company soon joined to make masterpieces and we all continued on with our halloween.

Friday, October 29, 2010

4 costumed kids, 3 different schools, 2 parades to watch and a partridge in a pear tree

im pretty sure children were put on this earth to make us laugh. i gave up my hopes and dreams of themed costumes for the kids and let them pick their own, and boy did it show their personalities. the kids' teachers had different ways to celebrate. so this is just a hodge podge of what they all did. dont ask me how caden got that pumpkin in his backpack but his teacher reported that he worked at it for a while. ray's preschool class took the oh-so-coveted bus over trick or treating at the district office. Brady and Kendra's school had parades. everyone had a great time, you couldn't wipe the smile from Brady's face. we were grateful to have family there, we were a great cheering section. we love this time of year, and there's still so much fun to have.