Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"To make the world right"--Narnia

It seems around every corner is another life changing moment that makes the world right for our family. What a beautiful blessing it was to have Kendra participate in the the Stake Play: Narnia.
Kendra's part was a "Secret Sprite" her big part (besides the group numbers) was skipping around singing "Joy for Joy" then the witch stops them, Kendra says her 4 sentence line and then gets turned to stone--I smell an Emmy. We actually were quite impressed with her facial expressions. All I know is it was totally worth the time committment and mommy-helper hours (I just remember a lot of sprinting, searching, and shhhussshhhing). Friends & family were totally impressed with the play and we are so appreciative to Gail & Ariel Theatrics for their unbelievable talent and resources. We'll miss our little Narnia family.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exponentially the most EXCITING experience ever--and we are buying a jet ski!!

Hiking Half Dome in Yosemite and jet skiing on Bass Lake was way more CRAZY FUN than we could've even DREAMED of. Jared (Huck Finn as I called him all day) & I are so proud of each other and so grateful we were able to escape and experience the 2 coolest activities we've ever tried.
Let me just give a a l'il recap: 4:30 a.m. started our 16 hour day in Yosemite This famous killer hike starts with switchbacks that are purely uphill and neverending. You finally reach Nevada Falls after 4.2 miles. We took in the scenery, I gagged down a couple bites of a PowerBar--yuck and off to the next part. The path turns to a sandy trail for a mile or so, then just more and MORE climbing uphill-remember all this is pretty dang steep. Just as you're getting tired of ascending, it's time for the big stone steps, i don't know how many there are but it was 30 minutes of super steep steps. Then we rested ate our beloved banana chips, gloved up and began the overwhelming cable climb. The pix almost do these justice but not quite. Jared was a great cheerleader since I was close to crying out of fear--only close--I held it together great I must say. The cables for me were much harder on my nerves than my arms. My fingers have never CLINCHED on to something so tight--same for the descend--I gave a whole new dimention to the word SQUEEZING but wow, accomplishing that crazy of a climb is absolutely astonishing--hard to believe we just did that: 8.2 miles so much uphill, steps and cables!!! YAHOOOOOOO!!!! Being on top at 8,800+ feet of rock is so stinking nuts!! We soaked it all in, took a break, and then started the same 8.2 miles down--sounds easier but in some ways it was harder. But we did it, we made it, we had a blast and most importantly (next to safety) we loved each other the whole way and we were so happy and proud for one another. As far as doin' the wave runner I can sum it up by saying that we have planned to purchase our own 3 seater for our family for next summer. We both took turns drivin' at top speed of 72 miles per hour--yeah crazy huh? Let me tell ya there is nothin' like hittin' bumps at 60mph! I remember just screamin' "yeah baby and rock on freaky bro" and just laughin' and lovin it. Jared of course loved it but we all knew he would hence the big purchase he will make.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sweet day for Baby Scout

Another happy mormon tradition--the wonderful blessing of a child--this time it was Ryan & Audrey's turn. Followed by another tradition (at least with the VoFos and Andersons) the famous fam foto shoot under the big tree at church. This was a good one except Caden rebelling--but really that's not a shocker--can you spot him? New Daddy Ryan did a great job and we all know that our little Scout Lyla is very blessed with super fun and loving parents.