Sunday, August 7, 2011

girls' camp baby--another highlight of this year!

oh my wonderful girls, i miss them SOOO much!
 this year i was the stake assistant camp director and one of my main duties was to help the amazing YL's (youth leaders) pretty much run camp.  i was the proud momma to 18 wonderful girls who i just watched and admired all week.
 they conducted the campfires--which were totally epic as they would say.  my personal fave moment was after my team lost the ABC song battle, evidence of the other team cheating was presented to me and i had a blast calling them out on it at the next campfire.  ooooooh yeah!!!
 the YL's were such a great group this year, the best ever im sure of it.  they are beautiful, responsible, loving, fun and spiritual girls.  we tried to kick things up a notch or two with fun costumes, new games and popcorn at campfire time.

cute danielle taught us new verses of "baby shark" which was awesome but not as awesome as when danielles prayer one nite got cut off prematurely by a couple girls who thought she said amen.  i peeked up at danielles face and she was like, "?????" and she very cutely just smiled and shrugged it off, but man oh man did we bust up over that for a good long time. and i'm not sure what song the next group is singing but they were cute and funny so a picture had to be taken.

 after lots of silly times we got a chance to show our love and appreciation to all the leaders who dedicate and sacrifice so much in order for camp to even happen.  this was Pres. Steve Locke's last year with us, and there's no words to express how much we have benefitted thru the years of having him with us.  his priesthood, influence, sunrise devotionals, and kitchen help have been a big part of our camp experience.
 we also acknowledged emily stewart who very deservingly won the service quilt.  she has a heart of pure gold and her name was submitted numerous times by many leaders for her countless acts of kindness.
 camp takes a good team and these lovely yet wacky stake leaders pulled off a huge victory.  the destiny lessons were incredible, the crafts were super cute and very popular, and all the behind the scene extras like capers, activities and the reporter (sweet slide show and newsletters btw) came together and worked so hard so the girls could have a memorable week. andre and i tried to express our gratitude to them with a little camp block that held their camp picture.

 quilting 10 quilts and assembling 150+ activity bags for the women's shelter was our service project of the week.  the girls all got involved and were rewarded with a little fun of making ice cream balls afterward.  so fun but a tad dangerous if you play with those crazy tongan girls.

 the cooks rocked as always, we always enjoy their dinner serenade of a booming hymn.  this year one of their performances was quite comical when the accompanist and them were NO where in sync with each other. but these guys are great and we were fed well.
 two fun highlights:  a huge game of "bust a move" after testimony meeting, which was by FAR the most wonderful meeting i have been to in forever.  these girls are so strong and sensitive to the spirit.  they all have a wonderful budding relationship with their Father in Heaven.  its such an honor to witness that and see the light in their eyes. oh highlight #2 is definetly the tongan girls and their ukelele.  they sang "pricetag" the first nite and were asked to do a encore the next nite of some cool lullabye song. 

 speaking of my talented polynesian princesses, they stinkin' c r a c k e d me UP this year.  they are so dang beautiful inside and out.  we joked, hugged, got gansta, and i just loved being around them.
girls camp has always had a huge and special place in my heart.  it has nothing to do with the camping and everything to do with these funky, adorable teenagers who share special times with each other and grow in every way possible.  love love love them!