Thursday, September 1, 2011

just the facts folks

time has flown and lots has happened so i'm just sticking to the facts on this post.
long story short, i lost too much blood after a miscarriage and fainted in the shower. jared had to call 911, i was carried out of my house on a gurney, rode in the ambulance and the doctors fixed me all up. uhh still in shock too.

lots of friends were very supportive and loving with heartfelt sentiments.

on to more enjoyable times, big papa came to visit and took us all to the black lit mini golf, good times.

this looney tune started school the earliest. he is in 3rd grade with the same AMAZING & WONDERFUL teacher as last year. we couldn't ask for more.

these two cuties began their first and fifth grade together. we scored with great teachers and they are both so happy and excited.

little miss sassy here is starting her new preschool at an inhome place of a friend of mine. she is going to have an adventurous and awesome time there.

jared and i were invited to our first "mission call opening" ceremony(is that the right word?). tanner (one of jared's young men who is now part of our family) will be serving in Rancagua, Chile come this november. what a moment to witness--love him.

speaking of spiritual highs, this is brady reading the scriptures (on daddy's tab) for the first time. he did pretty well considering there's some doozie words in there.

buckling in his rat, what??? he begged, kendra has wanted one for a while, and we caved. caden named his junior, even tho its female.

he needed to report this to us our first nite with his new pet. he meant bit, if you dont read kid writing. ps he wasnt bit.

meet "misty". we are all getting used to these lovely pets. i personally dont touch them, but the kids are liking them.

kendra chose to celebrate her birthday with her bff at raging waters (a repeat from last year). very sweet girls and they LOVED every minute of their special day together.

my oldest child has made it thru a decade. dang i'm old and dang, i'm old.

she totally loved her gifts this year--a DSi from grannie, her big bear, collectors rocks from heather and money to spend.
so besides our big bump in the road we've been chugging along. quite busy but extremely happy. my report now is done.