Monday, November 30, 2009

turkey trot --WA part deux

crazy middle aged women signed up for a 5K in Tacoma on turkey day morning. gotta love the rain in washington. it was wierd to run with soggy feet but it was so worth it. Mom, Roxi, Shannie and myself all did great despite the extremely uphill course--the hardest course i've ever run. hills and rain: we are women hear us roar. (ok just a little purr)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

big papa's thanksGIVING plan

our big trip to Washington with the VoFo clan must be blogged in several sections so i'm beginning with the heartwarming plan my dad had the grankids carry out for the holiday. he purchased about 70 winter acccessories for the kids to put in little bags and deliver to a homeless shelter. he also set up an adorable assembly line to prepare lunches to take to them as well. here's the cousins in our color coordinating sweatshirts (thank you dad and aunt tammy) all done handing out some holiday cheer we all left with much more than what we gave that day.

Friday, November 20, 2009

packing a punch

the minute i pulled out the suitcases for our thanksgiving trip to Washington, brady grabbed his and scampered off to pack--like a week early. his must take items were: his dragon to sleep with, spiderman mask and costume, a little lite reading material and of course toothpaste. he's cute and i supplemented quite a bit but good work brady! gotta have a little fun while packing right? so jared decided to put caden in his inflatable ninja suit. he was more mezmorized than anything. i havent seen jared laugh that hard in a long time. we tried to have caden give us a little action and "hi-yah" shouts but it didnt quite pack the punch--he didnt have to say a word, it was too hilarious as it was.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

run forest run--with jenny, tammie and I

if we survived at week at girls camp together we can certainly do a 5K--no problem. we got our personalized bib numbers and joined the other 900 runners i'm still reassuring tammie at this point Bubba Gump restaurant hosted a great venue and along the coast made a beautiful scenic route forest gump himself congratulated us by name at the finish line! we felt stronger than ever--ok maybe not but we were proud of ourselves and i was super proud of us running four times. GO TEAM! it was so great to get together and laugh our hineys off. we had a great lunch out afterward and just helped, healed and loved each other like we always have and always will.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

our not so simple trip to the pumpkin patch

it was a beautiful autumn morning, raylee and mommy were ready for the tractor ride, farm tour and pumpkin picking fun. but it can't be that simple right? this is my reaction after i called AAA for key lock-out assistance and they notified me that it was necessary to dispatch the fire department since my 2 yr old was locked inside all strapped in her carseat. raylee was in great spirts, except when i was having her try to wiggle her arm out to fetch the keys. as two fire trucks, the fire marshall and Lugo's towing all arrived to my rescue i couldn't help but CRACK up. what a lovely spectacle i made at my daughter's school field trip. our rescue was complete in time for raylee to enjoy her day and man did i get a lot of laughs!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

preschool cuteness

we have been very pleased with Mrs. Murphy who has been sub-ing for Mrs. Crystal while on medical leave. Mrs. Murphy got Brady's speech therapy going right away with Miss Jenny--LOVE her. here's brady and raylee (cuz she thinks Mrs. Murphy is her teacher too) giving a thank you gift on her last day. i just got these shots emailed to me from Delany's mom. they were TOO cute so they must be blogged. Every friday Brady and Delany go skipping off to speech together like the super heroes they are. his class went on a bus and got to trick or treat at the school district office. Brady has since not let go of his vampire teeth he received.