Friday, June 15, 2012

im not too late--we celebrated this guy's bday for a long time

man oh man does this guy make me smile.  he was very excited for his birthday, he only had a couple " must haves":  popsicles at school, a cuddleuppet (as seen on tv, its a blanket and a puppet, you should hear him sing the song on the ad)  and the scooby doo mystery machine. he also wanted to go roller skating for his birthday but we had to wait for a saturday that worked for our schedule.  proud to say i made all his dreams come true, eventually.
but it did take awhile to get all the celebrating done.  his bday was on a wednesday so i went and did the school thing.  teacher kim gave him moon dough which he loved.  then his family gathering, including shae, ashlee, and lincoln scored him some treasures like muppet puppets, a dvd set and science fun stuff.  he definietly felt like a king for the day.

oh the memories we've had with this guy.  he always found mischief in his quiet way and he loved his new baby siblings but just for a quick minute then he was on to other things.

he's grown, changed and progressed so VERY VERY much.  jared and i are extremely grateful for all those that have been an integral part in that.  family (of course), primary teachers, school teachers, therapists and dear friends that have shown genuine concern and love will always hold a special place in our hearts.  nine birthdays later we just couldn't love this guy ANYmore.  love ya CADE!