Sunday, April 8, 2012

brady my brady, i have not forgotten you

the boy turned 7 about a month ago. we celebrated on time, ive just been a poor blogger lately. this birthday for brady was all about lego Ninjago, heaven help me.
i think i pulled off his cake alright, he loves his black ninjago clock.

luckily brady's idols, 19 year old guys, enjoy legos too, so they stayed late after the party to help assemble.

these were his treats for his class at school. his first grade teacher commented that she had never seen those before and she's seen just about everything. haha! i didnt even need pinterest.

our little brady has always been our little lover. he's got grandma VoFo pretty much wrapped with his dimples, and grin. he loved becoming a big brother and still to this day is famous for his spontaneous hugs he gives to those he loves. i watch him and its funny, he gets this look in his eyes then he heads over and squeezes whoever he just was thinking about.

he's all boy for sure.  always been my mischief maker, in his undies, playin with bugs, being gross.
that grin, the mohawk, what's not to love?

he's grown into a very intense boy.  he plays hard, he yells quickly and so angrily but he's our softie inside. 
the day he was born we didn't know we were having our second little boy.  he has still surprised us in many ways.  the morning of this birthday jared and i stood at the back window and watched him hunt gophers in the back yard.  brady, you make us giggle and grin. we love you so much.  happy 7th to you, Turbo.