Friday, November 2, 2012

Sometimes it hits me

Yesterday i became quite overwhelmed with the fact that i have a special needs child. This school year nearly every single thing has changed for my Caden. He is 9 and is being faced with a new school, new teacher, new instructional aides, a different speech therapist and a different occupational therapist. Oh and his primary teacher at church became the relief society president. He doesn't even handle new shoes well.

Everytime he has a major behavior problem at school they write an escalation report and notify me to record the events and communication. For the past two years i received maybe 4 phone calls. This year i receive 2-3 every week. We've held an emergency meeting with his team & we've all been tirelessly grasping at any new ideas to help him "turn it around" (as we coach him).

His diet, sleep patterns & habits are put under a microscope. Its tiring. Its complicated. Its sometimes seems hopeless. Autism is what it is. He is what he is. And we love him even more because of it, but it is difficult.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Treat or treat

Holidays oh holidays, Let the craziness begin. The spookiness seemed to go on and on and on around here. Jared and i had to cancel our annual couples costume party since there was just no days available to do it. The school parades, and class parties seemed to keep coming. But the kids looted up and enjoyed every minute. This year we have Mike & Amy Salazar (Hartnell bball) living with us. They've joined the family extremely smoothly and we are really enjoying  having them along for our fun family stuff. We hit Spreckels with them and Kendra went with Grace Vasher out in las palmas.  Halloween done.