Thursday, December 31, 2009

my shannie-kins is 33 today!

i have now known shannon lee wilson vonforell for more than half my life. the stars were aligned in high school when we had 3 classes together our junior year and the alphabet sat us next to each other. she was a nice girl who talked a lot so i brought her into the mormon kid group. the rest is history, actually more like storybook. from sneakily dating my bro to girls' camp moments & good teenage fun, we grew into the closest of friends. her baptism & temple wedding continued the fairy tale. my best friend now sister-in law a dream come true. we will make our daughters follow the legacy being best cousin buddies forever. every new years eve (her birthday) i think of shan and how lucky we are to have her in our family and how vitally important she is to me as my bff. happy b-day shannie!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

things i realized this christmas

caden is reading everything around him brady hates getting clothes--caden must wear it immediately gifts that they all benefit from are the way to go hand made projects are so worth it turn taking is quite attainable sibling gifts are so sweet silly toys for big boys keep the whole family entertained

Thursday, December 24, 2009

creating christmas cuteness

i feel like we've stretched out this christmas season out super long. once we celebrated with friends and got the school parties and gifts outta the way, we could finally settle down at home and make our gingerbread village. guess who had lots of gifts to give this year. (all those aides and therapists--so grateful for each one) there was much licking of knives and munching while the kids designed their own house for the village. nothing is sweeter than great family moments

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a john tesh christmas with a touch of memory lane

i thought of how to make this christmas special for my sweet family then john tesh's morning radio show gave me the answer. he said to reflect on past holidays, chances are you won't remember the toys you got but you will have certain memories and moments come to mind. not an earth shattering original thought or anything but it just hit me that i don't want to just get my kids STUFF, i want to give them heart-warming memories. i can't rattle off the objects i received (there was plenty i'm sure) but i do remember the treasure hunt clues to find the "main present", sneaking mom's christmas mint chocolates, peeking in closets, the privelage of a slumber party with my bros, steaking out to catch our Christmas pixies, feeding the homeless, all the special musical numbers, and begrudgingly caroling around the piano on christmas eve just so i could open one present as a preview. this year we are planning a couple new traditions: making the family gingerbread village and watching the Luke Chapter 2 video after we open stockings and before presents on Christmas morning. so those along with goodie drop-offs and driving around to look at lights will hopefully help us focus on great holiday family moments.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the first of christmas festivities

i have always enjoyed church functions and the ward Christmas party is usually the year's highlight--no exception this year. we gathered round in a cutely decorated gym and ate a nice big dinner. then mr. funnypants-with-a-microphone Seth told us the Easter bunny was coming. it was so sweet to see the kids excitement for the skinny jolly one. Santa (Jim Hill) apparently has been workin out this year. when he arrived the children sat poised listening to the meaning of the candy cane. they then went up to Santa and said their name in the microphone and received their cute goodie bag with the poem inside. Brady and Raylee had to be accompanied to see him but they were so touched by the poem cuz it was requested as the bedtime story that nite and they slept with the little poem paper. yes thats caden covering his ear. he has a love/hate relationship with the microphone. Church friends, good grub and Santa are always a great way to start out the holiday season.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

water park on Thanksgiving day--now that's a holiday!!

AT LAST the beloved Great Wolf Lodge--i'm pretty convinced its in the running for the happiest place on earth. My dad found this little gem in Tacoma. Ray was rockin her boots and ready for the splash down. Brady could always be found in the huge wave pool--i think he swallowed half the pool from attacking those waves. pure exausting excitement the rooms were awesome with wolf den bunks for the kids to crash in there were tears at time of departure but jared and i gave it our huge approval. we already made plans to repeat this next year. thank you to mom & dad vofo for makin it all happen. so much fun and so many memories.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

nuthin' says the holidays like taxidermy!

after some morning turkey meal prep big papa thought it'd be wise to get the kids outta the house. so we hit the dreaded McDonalds/playland then ventured to Cabela's to check out the dead stuffed animals. hey a free zoo--theres just no movement or noises from the attractions. what a great elephant impression huh? i was looking forward to seeing most of my mom's family that we havent seen for a while--those fiferoonies are a silly bunch--gotta love 'em. Aunt Tammy's fam and my crazy uncles Dwayne and Lynn arrived with Grandma & Grandpa Fife--we filled the house with food, lots of laughs, and of course family fun.