Sunday, March 27, 2011

my boy and some fishies

10 ASD kids for a couple hours at the monterey bay aquarium--like i would miss that!! these kids were so enthrawled with every little thing. it was wonderful to watch. caden enjoyed posing with the statues, he gave them a lot of love too. so much to see and get right up next to. the kids had a blast. the teachers did a great job at leading them thru. i loved every minute with my little guy, watching him be so fascinated is such a joy and to see him conform, listen to direction, and be well behaved is always comforting.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

teenagers and gymnastics--an interesting combo

im way behind on my blogging, lots of fun stuff has been happening. this week the gym ive been coaching at is closing. before all my fun is over, i squeezed in a youth activity there and a field trip for caden's class. i was only able to get a few shots of the youth, as i was slightly busy making sure nothing or nobody got broken. i started the nite explaining a little bit about the sport and how different body postions transfer to all the different events. then we warmed up, stretched out and i taught them some basic tumbling on the spring floor. most of them could roll but when it came to handstands and especially cartwheels, it got a little ugly. but totally hilarious and we all enjoyed ourselves. as we split into groups to hit the other events, i gave them a few facts explaining the equipment etc and they gave it all a try. the young men on the balance beams was a total HOOT. they were actually quite good and graceful even. the training and uneven bars were challenging but a few of them were able to get a pullover which isnt easy. they vaulted off the vaulting table--which really just looked like a bunch of guys falling all over the place. then at the end they all got to just have an open gym and try the ropes, rings, and trampolines. it was a BLAST and i am so grateful no one was hurt, i had prayed several times for that. i wish i could do that every year with them, they were so fun and funny and gracious, they were humbled by what they couldnt do but were proud of what they could. LOVE THEM!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

brady boy is 6!!!

braders, brade-inator, turbo, frequently referred to as "crazy boy" is 6 years in the making now. this dude is funny. he has always made us laugh as soon as he smiled. as his birthday post i just wanted to put a bunch of silly things he's done and capture his loving sibling spirit that he has. of course he's gotten into his fair share of mischief, he loves lizards, the mud, trucks and action figures. he's 100% boy. this first year in school he has taken pride in the fact that his teacher called him the funniest boy in town. he also is the self-proclaimed class clown (way to follow in mommy's footsteps). he's a great brother, he cried on kendra's first day of kindergarten and he randomly comes up hugging his family members and declaring his love for them. we are extremely happy with our extremely hilarious but serious and intense little boy. happy birthday brady!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

good thing i have them

i always tell my kids when they are being neat that it's a good thing they are cute. well i've been appreciating them for the good times and the neat times even more lately.we've had a lot of time together since jared was sent to Clearlake (Cobb Mountain) area to restore power to that area when it was hit really hard weather wise. kendra and brady's basketball season provided lots of entertainment (caden loved this tree right outside the rec center where the games are). we mainly hung out at home, there was lots of extra hug tickling tackle attacks by me. and anytime i offered to take them on a little outing they were thrilled. its as if they realize that mommy is on her own here so lets cut her some slack. 6 days and 5 nites later when daddy/husband returned we were so happy. i'm still adjusting to not having to do and handle everything myself. it was for sure a very up and down period of time for all of us. he loved working in the snow but it was exhausting of course. and the nites were quiet and lonely for both of us. but it was a short time and things change so quickly around here. we have some exciting things coming up and as soon as i can get my stupid injury healed (its either my reoccuring torn hamstring or my sciatic nerve acting up) we will be up and literally running as normal--whatever that is.