Friday, February 26, 2010

when mommy is sick.....

so last wednesday raylee threw up all over me right? and on sunday kendra was sick and cried because she couldn't go to Stake Conference. so who would get it next??? maybe us girls just have to be knocked down first, at 5am yesterday (thurs) the excess of saliva gave me a clue that the prior nite's tator tot casserole was not going to digest fully. this is what i get for kissing my kids way too much. when i'm sick jared is very good at locking me in my room, getting my sipping water, phone, and remote control within arms reach. it's so hard to listen to the tantrums and the cuteness and not be there to hug and squeeze the kiddos just on the other side of the door. i do know that the Playstation was on for most of the day, and one load of dishes were done. i guess i just miss my job sometimes, cuz now that i'm at 75%, the house is spotless, disinfected, kids off to school, nursing the now barfing brady, and ready to watch a friend's girls (they had the flu earlier and mom said it was ok). oh and i'm blogging it all by 9a.m. i love my husband and am grateful i'm not the one climbing poles and electricuting myself. i can't wait till food sounds good again and my body isn't shaky. plus it was kinda nice to watch olympics, text a bff all day, and only move twice throughout the whole day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

please tell me this happens to you too!!!

like this mystererious photo i found--i'm hoping it wasnt one of my boys so i've been really "off my game" lately and after i'm done laughing at myself i wonder if my lovely associates in life have any of these ridiculous things happen to them: Example A: after putting on my deordorant i thought to myself, "hmm that was extra sticky today" then i looked at my deodorant and saw that i forgot to take the cap off.--ouch. Example B: waiting for caden's bus to come, i figured i better check if he changed his undies, he was commando, so i literally ran to grab and throw on him a nice clean pair. Example C: while playing on facebook, i look over my shoulder and see a roundish brown little mass half under the couch,---please let it be some sort of ball or toy that i can't recognize, NO, it wasn't. and i don't have pets, c'mon now, how do they just drop that and walk off??? And last nite's super fun time: watching a SHS JV b-ball game holding my little 3 yr old, and suddenly my legs and arms are wet, and raunchy smelling, chunks were flying. jared wigs out, i quietly and discretely continue to catch the fun with her skirt and my jacket, climb down the bleachers and try to make a clean get away---wonder if anyone noticed. i know motherhood has its picturesque moments and i know i'm blonde, but do i really have to be blessed with such occurances, i really don't learn anything from them. i know i know, that's the problem. maybe someday i'll grow up untill then i just love my funny stories.

Friday, February 12, 2010

showing and feeling the LOVE!

happy hearts day to you all. i love LOVE, and my kids are so so SO following suit. The valentines are being handed out as i type. its a pretty commercial holiday but it can never be a bad thing to show anyone your affection. when big papa comes for a visit he always shares his love. kendra (my craft and activitiy coordinator) designed this big sign for him and since he flew here we took pictures to capture the moment. i'm not thrilled about all the candy that is flying around but i guess thats what my valentines present from jared is for. he caved, and got me a super nice yummy treadmill. my newest baby will be photographed and blogged as soon as it arrives, i'm sure. hearts, candy, and smiles, you really don't need a whole lot more in life huh?

Monday, February 8, 2010

the ballerina birthday bash

all raylee wanted to do was "party in the U.S.A" by getting down with her little friends. the pinkness was all around and the tiny ballerinas were arriving more adorable than ever.
raylee had to load up on veggies and olives before she could go crazy.
the girls all got curly ribbons to twirl around and they loved dancing to p!nk, beyonce and taylor swift--the playlist that raylee made herself. good taste baby girl!
after raylees menu of mommy's macaroni and cheese, green beans and pink applesauce, the girls in tu-tus watched the birthday girl open her OH SO CHERISHED presents, then she turned into a complete wack-a-doodle by being hysterical for the cake fun. oh well, we all laughed at her moodiness (she didnt want to leave her goods). we sent her friends home with little ballerina goodies and the fun filled nite was over.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

raylee vaun: 3 years in the making!

Nine days before we were expecting any birthing fun, the morning of SuperBowl Sunday i was forced to walk the hospital halls all huge and pregnant for too many hours. my labor finally progressed enough to give 3 pushes and get this little addition out. She was a pretty good baby, none of my babies slept well (i blame weird anderson sleep habits) but she ate well and traveled along with all mommy's endeavors. the boys just LOVED her. they would hold and pose with her constantly. i always got comments how brady and her looked so much alike. as time has passed and her personality has come out, those two are SO similiar, its cute but frustrating too--their temperments challenge us--even though their cuteness allows many shenannigans. to our little booger we say happy birthday squirtball, we love having you in our family, you complete the craziness. "Bah Bah" and the boys always love playing with you if you're not too busy yelling at them. Your "babies" (shampoo bottles, countless figurines) enjoy your imaginative play--i'm sure 'cause boy you are a funny little girl. you truly are our little ray ray of sunshine!