Thursday, January 29, 2009

happy 32nd to Jared!!

We were supposed to be closing on the house this day but thanks to the delay for a new roof we were able to celebrate Jared's b-day. Nothing big but I took him out to a new PhillyCheesesteak place here in old town (they do a pretty good job) then we came for the festivities as you can see. Some years we care about birthdays and some not as much; either way we still love our daddy, hubby, son, friend etc.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

83 degrees in January--gotta love it!

who cares about the gang problems when you can do this in the middle of winter? ok, maybe I do, but it's still great to get the kids out in this. it has quickly passed though with a huge storm--hence me being a widow to a lineman fixin everyone's power. no huge complaints--we'll take the overtime $$.

Monday, January 19, 2009

oh my yummy sofa & love seat

who knew getting new furniture was so exciting??--no one told me. its been a while since we bought anything new so yes we splurged (i did wheel n deal though) on this lovely table set and couch set. can't wait to get it into our new family room in the new house!!

doodling, trimming & packing

oh ray ray--who gave her a marker!! so yeah, Brady cutting his own hair for the first time was quite interesting--he took 45 minutes to cut the same spot blowing the hair off the clippers each time and also brushing off his shoulders and shirt each and every pass. He insisted on showing Rosie so he ran around with this lovely lawn mower patch for a couple days. with mommy wanting to get the house in boxes before we even know when we'll be moving--i'm a little neurotic about that--the kids get a bit more loungin' time.

Friday, January 9, 2009

the day i was ALMOST arrested!!

You know me, Little Miss Trouble--dang the California Cell Phone law. So I'm driving to grab the boys from Rosie's chattin' away with Heather, and I say "Crap" and quickly close and throw the phone. Mr. Motorcycle cop's lights are flashing in my rear view mirror, I realize it's gotta be me so I pull over in a bank parking lot on South Main Street. He struts over to me and I say, "Are you mad at me sir?" thinking I'm cute and funny. He almost chuckles but then states that I was on the phone and my registration tags have expired--so he needs to see ID. (this is where it gets fun) I reach back by Raylee where I always put my purse on the floor in front of her--there's nothing there. I start to panic a little--then frantically searching the glove box and other little nooks and crannies trying to come up with some ID. Officer WHO-HA watching my scurry says AND I QUOTE: "Well we can do this my way where I have your car towed and impounded while I arrest you and take you down to the station to have you ID-ed. I'm grasping at straws here, how else can you prove that you are who you say you are-- do you have any tattoos." Uhhhhh. . . if i only would've carved my name into my bicep this would have gone smoother. I got it, so I tell him I know another cop--that I'm good friends with his wife (i'll keep them annonymous on the web). The officer questioned me on how I knew him and then decided to call him to see. I haven't heard from my friend what was said, or the WHO-HA just looked up my license but he soon returned to my window with the 3 part ticket and said that the does believe me. 2 parts I can have one of my officer friends to sign 'em off (fix it ticket) but I will be paying the price for all of US that chat without our bluetooth. Good stuff huh--just picture me and Ray Ray taking a stroll to the station in a cop car.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year--with Mattie & Mel

I love it when Holidays bring our old friends home!! Seeing and catching up with everyone totally highlights the year. Playing games, dinners out, kid fun, reminiscing, laughing so hard it hurts and just sharing our lives together is . . . well I guess that's called friendship. We love our friends, Matt and Melanie thanks for these and countless other memories. I can't take credit for the cake, but the silly birthday junk gifts to celebrate Matt's 30th was my doing.