Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cuties in costume cravin' candy

holy halloween havoc on my house. somehow we jam a ton in on every holiday. the kiddos chose their costumes, and kendra and brady's school parade was first. ray ray's preschool program was next.

in the middle of the fun jared and i hosted our annual couples' halloween party. our friends are hilarious and we ate well and enjoyed time together. the zombie prom king and queen were my personal favorite--actually my REAL fave was Lincoln (the college bball player living with us) being the 3rd Wheel, with caden's bike wheel strapped to his back.

then it was good ol' trunk or treat time at the church parking lot.  the kids love circling around and its so fun to see my friends' children all dressed up.

my montessori kids preformed "thriller" and they were so happy that i stopped in to watch them and see them in their "historical halloween" costumes.

we finished up all the hoopla with trick or treating around Spreckels neighborhood. rob, tanner and emma joined us, the kids had the process figured out, caden was always a house or two ahead of us. we wrapped up the holiday with too much candy but a lot of good family time together.