Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"To make the world right"--Narnia

It seems around every corner is another life changing moment that makes the world right for our family. What a beautiful blessing it was to have Kendra participate in the the Stake Play: Narnia.
Kendra's part was a "Secret Sprite" her big part (besides the group numbers) was skipping around singing "Joy for Joy" then the witch stops them, Kendra says her 4 sentence line and then gets turned to stone--I smell an Emmy. We actually were quite impressed with her facial expressions. All I know is it was totally worth the time committment and mommy-helper hours (I just remember a lot of sprinting, searching, and shhhussshhhing). Friends & family were totally impressed with the play and we are so appreciative to Gail & Ariel Theatrics for their unbelievable talent and resources. We'll miss our little Narnia family.


LollyGirl said...

hooray, i finally found you! you wrote vonanderson.blogspot on my paper. i'm such a genius, i added the s and wha-lah!

so fun getting to see your latest adventures--half dome! so impressive!

Robin said...

"joy for joy at last it's christmas . . ."

"for if faith stays alive, hope can survive to make the world right again . . . to make the world right."

it's amazing how i never will forget the words to all those songs! i had the opportunity to do narnia a few times in my life. sad i missed this one! sounds like it was a great experience.

Christy said...

What a great experience for Kendra-What a wonderful thing for your stake to do. Cute picture display!

Stephanie said...

OK lady... You have Christopher Cross on your playlist, which means I love you. Crazy. I didn't know you were a runner. I'm always excited to know that people run, but I'm a freak and have to run by myself. ... And you're a hiker and climber! I'm really in love with you. (Yikes, sorry)