Sunday, October 12, 2008

Off the hook at ABDC Live!!!

So excited I pulled this surprise off for Jared--even Kendra & Tom kept the secret. Believe it or not: America's Best Dance Crew is the ONLY reality show we can agree on so I had to get tix to see our favorite group the Jabbawokeez.
It was an AWESOME show--tons of great dancing-- now is it normal for 2 grown adults to get choked up at something like this? Oh . . . well hey we love those boys in the masks and the white gloves.


Nick and Molly said...

How nice of you to surprise your hubby! :) Here's how out of it I am, I don't even know the show!! Sure it is great though! Cute pictures of your kids 1st day of school too :)
Thanks for your congrats! We're absolutely loving our little guy!

Janis said...

Love your blog Laurie. What a sweet and fun family you are. You take such great pictures....especially of your kids.

Robin said...

you're such a reality t.v. nerd. i love it.