Friday, February 13, 2009

special times for special Caden

So a few cool things have happened lately that I'd like to record. First of all our bishop at church is in contact with me about research he's done on Nutrition and Autism. The plan is to get him to come give a seminar for my support group I've been attending. The support group is blessing #2. I had heard the big name of Emily Rubin before I even knew we would be part of the Autistic community. She developed a behavioral modification model, books, dvd's workshops, etc. Anyway thru the world wide web and email we found each other and she invited me to her support group that was meeting that night. So I've been going and it's a HUGE resource. When I walk into the room it is literally like walking into a whole different world, new vocabulary, acronyms, the stories, the heartache thru struggles--it's pretty heavy but I'm so lucky to be part of it. Lucky break #3 was just another day at the park when we walked right into soccer league for special needs kids integrated with typical kids. They invited us--not knowing our situation but hey, every saturday at 11:00 we have a wonderful opportunity for Caden and the other 3 too. The other day Caden enjoyed watching Cale's basketball game (except the buzzer of course) and then this morning he did some awesome reading time with me. He brought me these books one after another and told me the stories--pretty completely I might add. I have to quote my highlight: as he was counting the apples he asked me to count in spanish (thank you Dora) then when he had to switch back to english, after counting perfectly from 1-20, it got interesting. He went " 20, 30, 80, 30, snuggie, 80, 100". NO CLUE where the "snuggie" came in but oh man totally got my heart on that one. This guy totally melts us with just about everything he does.


Dasha said...

oh, that is so sweet. that is just fantastic that you can find those resources and support. the internet is such a blessing. that will be so fun for him to play soccer!

Amy said...

That is great. I'm glad the bishop has been able to help. I've heard about that link of food and autism and how a certain diet can help so I'm glad that is working for you. Thanks again for the bows. They make me feel pretty. I'm sure gonna miss you!