Friday, March 27, 2009

i hate saying goodbye--twice is even worse

Change is a good thing--but that means i (we) have to forego our existing relationships. i've found this to have tugged on my heart strings. since the move, kendra won't be able to ride the bus to school--she LOVES and is very attatched to her bus driver Tony. it's been so comforting to know my little girl was well taken care of while she enjoyed her social hour on the bus. caden has since switched over to the new school district and already started receiving speech therapy there. actually the school child psychologist and their occupational therapist are in the mix getting to know caden too--kinda startin' over again but that's ok. sadly he had his last session with Virginia at Spreckels School today, brady and raylee have gotten to play while caden was does his sessions. the kids (and I) wrote notes, took butterscotch banana zuccini bread and flowers to our beloved helpers. i didn't realize how important the people who care for my children really are. i'm silly huh, is it weird to have gotten choked up as i was buying the flowers for these ladies--i know i'm a big softie.

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Dasha said...

aww, that is hard. but also an adventure, right? you seem like the adventurous type. anyway, i haven't forgotten you. i will resend the invite to the blog just as soon as i get more than a minute on the internet. it's been crazy not knowing when we'd have service next. thanks again for all the beautiful flowers. i did have bows for you and will send them to you once we're settled and you send me your new address. take care and maybe our paths will cross again. i sure hope they do!