Monday, April 13, 2009

easter eggs-travaganza!!

each year as the kids get older the holidays get a bit more involved--i didn't get pics of it all but these will capture most of the action. after heading up kendra's class party & enjoying spring break our fam started off with a FHE easter story and egg coloring. ray ray had a good time holding the egg in the dye (note the blue hand) and then cracking it open and playing with the yolk--yuck. all the kids got way into it which was great. then grannie annie had the cute idea to help the kids make "peep-sicles"--chocolate dipped candy coated peep bunnies on a stick. too cute, but holy sugar intake. after seeing what the easter bunny left on easter morning jared, kendra and i along with nieces zoey & taylor, and nephew alex all sang "He Sent His Son" at church as part of a wonderful easter sunday. we ended with our own little egg hunt at home and got another holiday under our belt. hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well.

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the craig i know said...

laurie! two things: your kids are freakin' cute! and i made it so my new blog can now take comments. i forgot how to do that so i had to re-learn! good to see you on easter!