Monday, September 21, 2009

the next great public speaker

caden was asked to give his first talk in primary--up till now we knew he wasn't ready to be poised at the pulpit. with caden you just never know what he could choose to belt out into that very fun microphone. so we prepared a simple talk on prophets and how they teach us to be a strong family. as i walked up to the stand to assist him i walked by Seth and Chelsea and said, "please just don't let this turn out to be a circus act". i was so nervous and totally apprehensive of the unknown future. his only other glimpse of public speaking was reciting his nursery rhyme at preschool graduation--which he was awesome and took several bows. Caden always surprises us (like this nite-nite spot he discovered). his talk went flawlessly. i was a shakin mess but he repeated back everything i told him to even with inflection as i did. starting off with his famous clearing of the throat: hu-hum--he stood proud and delivered. all my worrying for nothing. he stole my heart as always. when finished as he went to go sit back down he said, "gee mommy i sure do like talking in the microphone". yep he got lots of squeezes all day--we were all so proud.

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