Monday, October 5, 2009

a silly weekend and a broken heart!

umm yeah we were just a little silly the last few days and of course i had to snap shots so here they are. but it wasnt ALL fun when caden did something that surprised me and shattered my mothering heart. he was repremanded (gently of course) to get off the computer since he was doing his sudden-cranking-of-the-volume-thing during loud parts of his game. so after daddy clicked the red x and he was off he had a horrible melt down for a good 15-20 minutes. he was red and sweating and screaming--it was lovely but we're used to it. after he came down from it he disappeared into his room with a book. i figured all was well until Kendra said, "caden where r u going?" which struck me funny for some reason. so i jumped up and followed him. he went out the back door towards the side gate and when i said, "Caden where are you going?--whatchya doing?" standing there with only his undies, a backwards inside-out shirt on and his BACKPACK he expressed while still sniffling, "i don't like this house anymore!" yes i died in that moment and i couldnt stop hugging and loving my little runaway all day. what do you say to this? a friend (Corey Locke) and some family always helps with the weekend fun baby scout on the prowl

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Renae said...

Cute pics! Yea, I have one that every now and again threatens to run away. Once when I was big, fat, pregnant and hormonal, I was crying for some completely unrelated reason. Ross came in to inform me that he was running away. It was just another straw and I burst out crying some more. Not because I thought he would actually run away, but more because I was already having a bad day and the fact we were having a row made me feel worse. Ross looked at me with this totally sorrowful expression and says "Mom are you crying because I'm going to run away?" I was wicked enough to tell him "Yes, I will miss you so much!" He turned dove-like in an instant. I still giggle to myself about that. But I will NEVER, to my dieing day, tell him the truth. I even heard him telling his brother like a year later that he just couldn't run away because it would make Mom sooo sad. *giggle* Well, it would make me sooo sad if he actually did run away.