Wednesday, October 6, 2010

daddy date with child #3

we have been trying to sneak in solo dates with the kids so jared HAD to take brady to the california air show when i heard they were gonna have monster trucks this year. they scoped out all the big planes and then settled in for the big show. brady was well equipped with his headphones, beloved hat, spiderman shades, and backpack of snacks. he loved the planes that shot smoke out, and of course the monster trucks. jared liked the jet dragster--i think thats what they are, anyway that was daddy's fave. when brady arrived after a tiring 4 hours he was all smiles and reported that this was "the best day of my life"!!! so in appreciation he wrote daddy this lovely thank you note--unprompted, cuz he's just that sweet.

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robin said...

when did brady get so HUGE? i'm so confused...

very cute post.