Wednesday, March 2, 2011

good thing i have them

i always tell my kids when they are being neat that it's a good thing they are cute. well i've been appreciating them for the good times and the neat times even more lately.we've had a lot of time together since jared was sent to Clearlake (Cobb Mountain) area to restore power to that area when it was hit really hard weather wise. kendra and brady's basketball season provided lots of entertainment (caden loved this tree right outside the rec center where the games are). we mainly hung out at home, there was lots of extra hug tickling tackle attacks by me. and anytime i offered to take them on a little outing they were thrilled. its as if they realize that mommy is on her own here so lets cut her some slack. 6 days and 5 nites later when daddy/husband returned we were so happy. i'm still adjusting to not having to do and handle everything myself. it was for sure a very up and down period of time for all of us. he loved working in the snow but it was exhausting of course. and the nites were quiet and lonely for both of us. but it was a short time and things change so quickly around here. we have some exciting things coming up and as soon as i can get my stupid injury healed (its either my reoccuring torn hamstring or my sciatic nerve acting up) we will be up and literally running as normal--whatever that is.

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DaBudges said...

I love reading your posts! You always have such a positive outlook on everything!