Saturday, June 25, 2011

ya-hooooo SF zooooo!

we wanted to sneak in a quick little family vacay before caden started summer school. so we had daddy take a day off, headed to the San Francisco Zoo a first for us and stay in a hotel and swim (a must for caden, that's his definition of a summer vacation). then we had our first visit at raging waters and got our season passes their first usage.
oh my goodness the peacock!! what a crack up, the boys were so excited when it hopped right onto the sidewalk.  they got up close and personal with plenty of fun, stinky, but cool living things.

why does my sweet little ray ray have to love the huge cricket things and the tarantulas??? ewww

they loved every minute of every aspect of the zoo.  the train was a huge hit.  penguin island was brady's favorite, kendra loved everything, caden was in a constant state of jumping and humming,and raylee liked the cotton candy--what sillies, but i love em and it was a big BIG success for this family.

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Linds said...

It's been months since I've read blogs! It's nice to catch up tonight and see what you've been up to!