Friday, August 29, 2008

The GOOSE is 7!

Who remembers this bright blue eyed chubby cheeked spikey hair baby?!? I KNOW her spirit was sent to me first cause (as I told her on her birthday) I need her and appreciate the bestest big sister that she is. Her glorious day started out with a birthday omlette, cupcakes for her class, proceeded to the entire gym serenading her at workout, then ended with her dinner of choice: biscuits w/ gravy and corn on the cob. (ummm yum?) A nice quiet FAMILY celebration sure beat a huge party--in mom's opinion.


Shanie said...

Happy Birthday Kendra!!

We miss you and love you. Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

The Fear Fam said...

Happy Birthday to Kendra!

I'm all for family bday parties as well. Much less stress!!