Monday, January 19, 2009

doodling, trimming & packing

oh ray ray--who gave her a marker!! so yeah, Brady cutting his own hair for the first time was quite interesting--he took 45 minutes to cut the same spot blowing the hair off the clippers each time and also brushing off his shoulders and shirt each and every pass. He insisted on showing Rosie so he ran around with this lovely lawn mower patch for a couple days. with mommy wanting to get the house in boxes before we even know when we'll be moving--i'm a little neurotic about that--the kids get a bit more loungin' time.

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robin said...

i can't believe you're moving again! but i'm happy for you . . . i can't wait to see it someday. hopefully.

your kids are so adorable. that raylee . . . i can't believe she's almost two! what?