Sunday, June 21, 2009

top 15 reasons why we love our dad!

ok, i'm not sure if i'll ever get the adorable video clip in of the father's day events, so i'll just journal this in case. the morning started out with good ol' biscuits and gravy. the kids very cutely presented their gifts and handcrafts to daddy. a keychain, bookmarks, funny t-shirts, souper soup for a super dad, and cards with their top 5, and top 10 reasons they love daddy (kendra did one and made brady do the other). to sum up their lists: caden says "because he likes his room", and kendra and brady both said that the number ONE thing they love about daddy is that "he loves ME". they were so proud of their cards and sentiments. jared is a wonderful, loving, patient and very HELPFUL father. K & B sang their fathers' day songs at church is always a highlight. he loved his dinner of ribs and some other sides that he neglected and just chowed on the ribs. it was a delicious daddy day.


Christy said...

What great father's day ideas. You always seem to have fun things going on at your house :) Say hi to the great dad from us "en's"

Carrie said...

Don't you go and try to show us all up now, girlfriend. I'll be keeping Reas far away from this blog post. Oh yes, no worries - Reas hardly knows what a blog is!

Sounds like a great Daddy Day for Jared.