Thursday, July 2, 2009

an IEP gave my ASD son SAI with a SLP for the summer--it's a GREAT thing

sometimes i feel so lucky. it's not luck, i know--there has to be a higher power involved. after some hard work and lots of consideration by some of Caden's "TEAM" we had an Individual Education Plan to determine that caden with his Autism Spectrum Disorder will receive Specialized Academic Instruction with a Speech Language Pathologist. in other words, Caden got into summer school and it doubles as tons of speech therapy everyday!!! oh how he loves it, it is so wonderful. it's a 4 week program, 4 hours a day and he gets to ride the bus AND there's 3 field trips--yahoo! the humble day has come for us to accept him being on "the short bus". but he's so darn cute it's gettin' easy to get over it. he comes home every day with a huge report: "mommy school is an awesome time today, i ate my snacks at lunch time, i did circle time, i did the headphones to my animal book and i played outside at playtime". and to think this is from the child who couldn't make an insightful comment less than a year ago. i am so grateful for the divine blessings we are receiving.


Carrie said...

Hooray for Caden! Sounds like he's making great progress. So happy for you guys.

Grannie said...

I'm so happy that Caden is so blessed to be having these fantastic opportunities! And I'm excited that he's riding the "short bus." It broadens our family's experiences. Love you so much little guy!! Grannie