Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mixed up family and friends

When my bro and parents were here we made sure to see all sides of the families & a few friends that happen to be in town as well. So we smooshed in baby Scout's first birthday with these too too cute doggie cupcakes Audrey made, a girls night out with Eva & Kehaulani Loo & Robin Ladle, then of course the family 5K in Toro Park--which by the way i totally killed my personal time--yahoo, but i can say i was way more proud of the ladies that did a great job and smiled every step of the way. Even Mr. Wilson (Shan's dad) came for a big family dinner. It's so nice to blend our families together and remember our good ol' Salinas roots.

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robin said...

i love that picture of us at applebees with marilyn monroe's boobs right above our heads.