Thursday, August 6, 2009

a DECADE of dedicated love

well happy 10th anniversary to us! jared is off wakeboarding with the young men, but not to worry, we will be on our first cruise to Baja, Mexico exactly one week from friday. to honor this occasion i thought i'd write up our top 10 memories of our 10 years together. i'm no Dave Letterman, but hey there are some goodies in here

#10 our honeymoon in Hawaii, it's only number 10 cause it seems like such a distant memory.--the sunsets, the PCC, black sand beaches, lava tubes, the temple, and the infamous snorkeling/puking adventure.

#9 converting Jared to Denver Bronco madness--jared surprised me with a Bronco themed 30th b-day party, and when we went to a Bronco/Niner preseason game in San Fran--man were we FANatics!

#8 jared fainting and having the nurses huddled around him while they were giving me the anesthetic before giving birth

#7 galavanting ourselves around utah and arizona (separate trips) totally cluelessly. we are pathetic with directions--pre GPS days--oh holy wild goose chase

#6 dj-ing dances for the youth makes us feel like we are still cool--we started the year after we were married and still totally love doing it --we were cool enough to see the JABBAWOCKEES live ya know

#5 jared trying to teach me to drive a stick and rollerblade--some things are just meant to be done with friends and not spouses

#4 competing in a weight loss challenge with a couple friends, we worked out so hard together every nite--uhh no it hasn't kept up, but it was cool while it lasted

#3 surviving 8 moves in 9 years--holy cumulation of crap and how we love purging it all.

#2 the crazy hard magnificent hike of Half Dome in Yosemite/ and jetskiing for the 1st time

. . . . . drumroll please . . . . . . .

#1 the undescribable spiritual emotional moment when our new baby was held for the first time by the proud mommy & daddy (x4)

i am so happy to have those memories and countless others. i am even MORE happy that i have shared them all with a tender hearted man who knows, understands, respects and loves me. he has treated me like a princess from the beginning of our courtship, that's what stole my heart and we both feel we are living our happily ever after.

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pam said...

Congrats! We hit 9 years next week. Boy time goes fast.