Saturday, November 7, 2009

our not so simple trip to the pumpkin patch

it was a beautiful autumn morning, raylee and mommy were ready for the tractor ride, farm tour and pumpkin picking fun. but it can't be that simple right? this is my reaction after i called AAA for key lock-out assistance and they notified me that it was necessary to dispatch the fire department since my 2 yr old was locked inside all strapped in her carseat. raylee was in great spirts, except when i was having her try to wiggle her arm out to fetch the keys. as two fire trucks, the fire marshall and Lugo's towing all arrived to my rescue i couldn't help but CRACK up. what a lovely spectacle i made at my daughter's school field trip. our rescue was complete in time for raylee to enjoy her day and man did i get a lot of laughs!!!


Carrie said...

Great story! Thanks for the laugh. You do have a way with finding adventures wherever you go!

robin said...

oh laurie, that is awesome! YOU are the perfect person for that to happen to. and i mean that as a compliment.

Renae said...

I did that at the grocery store once, but I didn't laugh. I'm afraid I cursed out loud, right in front of a total stranger. It was about 95 degrees, and I was worried about the kid in the car getting too hot.

Good job for handling it with a sense of humor.