Saturday, November 14, 2009

run forest run--with jenny, tammie and I

if we survived at week at girls camp together we can certainly do a 5K--no problem. we got our personalized bib numbers and joined the other 900 runners i'm still reassuring tammie at this point Bubba Gump restaurant hosted a great venue and along the coast made a beautiful scenic route forest gump himself congratulated us by name at the finish line! we felt stronger than ever--ok maybe not but we were proud of ourselves and i was super proud of us running four times. GO TEAM! it was so great to get together and laugh our hineys off. we had a great lunch out afterward and just helped, healed and loved each other like we always have and always will.

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robin said...

i would have loved to have done that with you! you would have left me in your dust, but it still would have been great!