Friday, February 12, 2010

showing and feeling the LOVE!

happy hearts day to you all. i love LOVE, and my kids are so so SO following suit. The valentines are being handed out as i type. its a pretty commercial holiday but it can never be a bad thing to show anyone your affection. when big papa comes for a visit he always shares his love. kendra (my craft and activitiy coordinator) designed this big sign for him and since he flew here we took pictures to capture the moment. i'm not thrilled about all the candy that is flying around but i guess thats what my valentines present from jared is for. he caved, and got me a super nice yummy treadmill. my newest baby will be photographed and blogged as soon as it arrives, i'm sure. hearts, candy, and smiles, you really don't need a whole lot more in life huh?

1 comment:

Dasha said...

sweet! you're right, rather than complain, enjoy the holiday and all the free love!