Thursday, February 18, 2010

please tell me this happens to you too!!!

like this mystererious photo i found--i'm hoping it wasnt one of my boys so i've been really "off my game" lately and after i'm done laughing at myself i wonder if my lovely associates in life have any of these ridiculous things happen to them: Example A: after putting on my deordorant i thought to myself, "hmm that was extra sticky today" then i looked at my deodorant and saw that i forgot to take the cap off.--ouch. Example B: waiting for caden's bus to come, i figured i better check if he changed his undies, he was commando, so i literally ran to grab and throw on him a nice clean pair. Example C: while playing on facebook, i look over my shoulder and see a roundish brown little mass half under the couch,---please let it be some sort of ball or toy that i can't recognize, NO, it wasn't. and i don't have pets, c'mon now, how do they just drop that and walk off??? And last nite's super fun time: watching a SHS JV b-ball game holding my little 3 yr old, and suddenly my legs and arms are wet, and raunchy smelling, chunks were flying. jared wigs out, i quietly and discretely continue to catch the fun with her skirt and my jacket, climb down the bleachers and try to make a clean get away---wonder if anyone noticed. i know motherhood has its picturesque moments and i know i'm blonde, but do i really have to be blessed with such occurances, i really don't learn anything from them. i know i know, that's the problem. maybe someday i'll grow up untill then i just love my funny stories.


Renae said...

Oh the joys! Once on vacation, I was in a public pool which happened to be a LONG walk away from our condo. (I can't believe I'm telling this awful story!) Anyway, my baby had a massive escape velocity diarrhea blowout in the pool. It totally was gooing out of his swim diaper and into the pool that lots of people were swimming in. AAHH!! What could I do? There were no authoritative or janitorial looking people to inform around, so I just grabbed him and carried him back the LONG walk to our condo to clean him up, feeling MORTIFIED and horribly guilty about the people swimming in his crap.

Renae said...

Ohh, another time on a different vacation with a different baby, we were at Dixie Stampede and the servers came around handing out these bowls of hot soup with handles. Before I knew what was happening, my six month old reached out and grabbed the handle and slung hot soup ALL OVER!! He totally hit the people who were sitting in front of us. They were NOT happy with me AT ALL!!

I'm going to have to make this an entry on my own blog now.

Renae said...

For the record, I did try to catch as many of those nasty floaties as I could before making my dash away, but it wasn't much use. (Pool story)

robin said...

my favorite line:
"and in know i'm blonde".

you're funny laur. i miss you. can you make me some soup? even though i'm not there?

summerbummer said...

hahaha.. you should keep a very detailed diary of these events for each of your kids when they start dating