Sunday, May 2, 2010

another caden post--legit reason--his 7th bday

i'll spare a ton of details since caden has taken over my blog lately. his celebration of his 7th started the friday before with popsicles for his class. he shared a baby picture, led the birtday song, and played musical chairs. birthday boy got a special phone call from his favorite, "teacher simkins". caden handed out sunglasses to his friends, then started a water gun fight, which was a hoot. his family get together was on the actual day. he asked for a spongebob party (again) and since i've made a spongebob cake before i went with his sidekick patrick the starfish. he was a great sport for the gift opening and even though he asked to play computer several times during his party, i think he had a great time. he ended the day with telling everyone, "thanks for coming to my party and i love you". that's really i could ask for huh? love you cade!!!


Moriah said...
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Carrie said...

Super cute cake...and an even cuter birthday boy!