Monday, May 17, 2010

father/son/son campout

3 silly boys in the woods--goodness gracious. i'm so pleased to say that this event was successful. the boys held up great, fell asleep by 9ish and returned such happy campers.other dads were alarmed and asked, "who's kid is in the water??!!??" well of course its just brady chillin in the bacteria pond. apparently you could almost ALWAYS find caden by the water tossing rocks in it, that truly fascinates him for hours. brady and daddy had big boy meat ribs, and caden is enjoying his meal choice of the month: peanut butter on ritz. don't even get us started on the pure obsession with the flashlights. it continued at bedtime for the next few nites at home as well. these are my favorite guys in the whole wide world. i'm so glad they got to be together and enjoy their manly-man time.


Dasha said...

We recently had our father/son camp out too. Didn't quite make it, and that's a good thing. First they were flooded out and then came the hail and thunder. Yikes! Glad that yours all had such a great time.

Renae said...

Looks like they had fun! Our boys really enjoyed theirs (and so did us girls who were left home alone!)