Wednesday, July 28, 2010

raging loonatics at raging waters

the much anticipated mini family vacation has finally come to pass. we have been sniffin' out this water wonderland for a while. since i wasn't able to go to girls' camp this year (boo hoo) we took the opportunity to dive in for double days of drenched delight. once we settled in, established our spot: by the fountain, in front of the small slides for the boys, and not too far from ray ray's river and caden's endless river, we split off for some crazy times. after the first day they all found their fave spots to hit up repeatedly. Ray floated on her tummy down her little river, brady rode the Great White Shark (huge water slide--5yr old daredevil), caden insisted on swimming upstream in the lazy river and Kendra loved the wave pool and any big slide we got her on. only one small moment of panic: caden had ditched brady in the river and the next thing i see is my idolizing son brady being escorted by a lifeguard to reunite us. brady thot he was big stuff walking with one of those cool rescue guys. these slides where there's no tubes were our only shot of adrenaline for jared and i. not a lot can measure up to the "Tornado" ride at the Great Wolf Lodge in WA but raging waters gave a valiant effort and it has more than plenty for the kids to enjoy. Two full days of lots of daddy fun time were great, its hard giving him back to PG &E to work, but that makes these family moments that more valued. our season passes will be well used i'm pretty positive.

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Renae said...

looks like fun! I love family days the best!