Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the BIGGEST day of my life!!!! --next to my wedding and childbirths

so i might slightly be exaggerating but MAN it was so UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING to show up at a 30th birthday party for a friend and end up meeting a player for MY DENVER BRONCOS! if you don't understand my sheer enthusiasm you can stop reading now. what a STELLAR nite schmoozing it up with a STAR--it was like a glorious gift from above for me to get to know Ephraim Salaam, a starting left tackle in the NFL!!!
oh my heavens, i'm still pinching myself wondering if i just imagined this or if i'm in some sort of warped reality. now i'll tell my fairy tale.
my family and i headed over to Seth Word's birthday get together. we got our plates of food, the kids ran off and played, so jared and i headed out to the patio to sit with the birthday boy and chat. seth introduced me to his friend sitting at the table with him. he explained that he's the football player that he met while he was at the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge. i thought--oh yes, seth has mentioned him before, thats cool. then seth says, "oh yeah, Ephraim here played for the Broncos a couple years ago". WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I slammed my hand on the table in disbelief, stood up, picked up my plate of food, and relocated my little self scooting my chair even closer so i could sit right next to 300+ pounds of utter AMAZINGNESS!
as i was literally rubbing shoulders with him, the fellas at the table were giggling at my star-stricken behavior. so we sat and ate and most importantly talked "shop". he blocked the left side of the offensive line back in 2002 and 2003 when Jake Plummer was the quarterback and Clinton Portis was running for us. Oh yeah baby, I was so in my element and LOVING every second of it. we discussed coaches, his teammates, and the fanatical fans (like me of course). It was just one of the most phenominal moments EVER!
it is true i followed him around like a little puppy, but he was totally chatting it up with jared and i all nite. he told us about what its like in the NFL, his injuries, his upcoming plans, his house in Texas (he has played for Houston for the past 4 years) and his engagement story --his wife was in WA with her family--she sounds awesome but would've been in my way. hee hee
anyway, he's a completly down to earth kind of guy. he's extremely humble and very personable. he made me feel like we've been friends forever. i wish him luck in his pursuit in hollywood. i'm so glad him and seth are friends--i can tell it's a special connection that they have. they are both wonderful people. and now i'm privelaged to know them both, #74 wants to be in MY fantasy football league this season, now that he is not the one making the stats. its gonna be of pure EPIC proportion! as i said my fond farewell Ephraim said, "oh no sweetheart, you're getting a hug". ummmm OK!!!!! i melted, seth photographed, dont worry jared laughed and holy happily ever after!


The Fear Fam said...

Haha! Very cute. I can tell you were just over the moon.

Seeing these pictures makes Jay and I want to visit you all. It's been forever since we've seen your family and the Words, too.

Amy said...

I'll never forget your cheerleader costume at your Halloween party and I remember how much you love the Broncos. How awesome you got to meet him. I can imagine you being so excited and I know that he enjoyed the attention! What a great day for you!

The Word Is Happiness said...

We, seth and i, love this blog. How fun!! so glad you came, so glad you came to see "the man" and Ephraim too! :)