Sunday, September 5, 2010

the goose turned 9!

our first-born is 9 years old, this is kinda making me feel like an aged woman, like a real mother--that's just nonsense. but jared and i have realized that Kendra being the first to enter our family has been a huge divine blessing. i see pretty much every day that she sets the tone for our home, and leads her younger siblings in a way that we are proud and pleased about. to celebrate her birthday she wanted to have hawaiian haystacks for dinner and take her bff ashley to raging waters.
we granted her wishes and she celebrated for hours upon hours. she loved her handmade blanket from her cousin Taylor, and everyone choked down her ice cream cakes that mommy went a little over the top with. kendra said that brady could be my date for the water park. the four of us had a great time. brady held my hand from ride to ride, ashley and kendra were just big girls doing their big girl thing. i did have to take ashley on the shotgun slide while kendra tried to capture it with the camera.
it was a lot of celebrating but kendra is totally worth the spoiling. we are very proud of her in every way.


robin said...

i know i say this all the time, but "i remember when kendra was born and the first time i saw her..."

hard to believe she's nine. that's just crazy. she is such a sweet girl. i wish we lived in california and not stinkin' florida so we could see lots more of her (and you)...

Renae said...

Dang, I hate it when you put a comment, and then the computer screws up and doesn't post it!

You are brave to take a camera into a water park! Our oldest is also a great kid - who is fraggin 12! I'm always telling people that if you're going to have 4 boys, have a girl first. She is such a big help!