Thursday, November 18, 2010

i'm thankful for my little turkey

caden was asked to either recite (totally his forte) or sing a solo of the Third Article of Faith for the children's primary program this year. he chose, we practiced--shown here, and the amazing 7 year old had it down after about 5 attempts. please just picture him, so handsome, hunched over the podium, clearing his throat to begin, singing ever so sweetly, warming the hearts of everyone. he received TONS of praise and really thought it was no big deal himself. after refusing to recite his line last year, i love these little victories for him. and for the record: kendra beautifully bore her testimony of feeling the spirit when i gave the homeless guitar playing man money at costco, brady recited (i think he was the only memorizer/non reader) his line about Joseph Smith--you couldn't understand him but he tried to talk slowly and clearly and raylee happily sat in daddy's lap watching her siblings. gotta love the little innocent joys of the gospel.


Carrie said...

so cute! Love how the whole family cheers him on - sweet kids.

robin said...

wow... that is truly, truly adorable. i wish i could have been there to see it in real life. way to go caden!

brooklyn said...

I love reading about your fam. It makes me feel like I'm there. We miss you tons!