Wednesday, December 1, 2010

turkey day twenty-ten

we are usually up in Washington with my family for thanksgiving but we are doing christmas there instead. so it was good ol Anderson-side turkey time this year. there's not much to report besides the obvious, eating (i insisted on doing one savory and one sweet turkey--they were...ok, the honey butter injected one was pretty tasty) laughing and eating some more. there was a killer cold game of kickball at the park since Heather and Dan hosted and their backyard opens to the park. jared was happy to play in the turkey bowl, he got like 3 touchdowns or something--that's my man. as for us, 5 dozen orange rolls later it was a lovely holiday centered around food. no complaints, except for the bloating and obligation to now work it off. it's totally worth it to spend the day with family and just enjoy each other and the abundance of blessings we have.

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